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Phantom pain is a body pain which comes from the part of body which is not there. Earlier doctors believed that this post amputation phenomenon was just a psychological problem but now experts have recognized that the real sensations mainly originate from brain and spinal cord. For some individuals this phantom pain gets better over the time without treatment but on the other hand in some people this phantom pain becomes impossible to manage and is really challenging. Buy Tramadol online without a prescription and make your pain better after having it in proper doses.

Most people whose limb has been removed have reported that they feel as if there limb is there. This phenomenon which is painless is different from phantom pain. You along with your health care specialist can work together to treat phantom pain effectively with medicine or other therapies.

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The characteristics of phantom pain mainly include:

  • Pain which comes and goes and is continuous
  • Onset within the first week of amputation although it can be delayed by months or even more longer
  • Symptoms which affects the farthest part of limb like foot
  • Pain which can be stabbing, shooting, pins and needles, cramping, crushing, burning or throbbing.  Buy cheap Tramadol online and effectively treat your phantom pain.


The exact cause of phantom pain is still unknown but it appears as if it comes from brain and spinal cord. While undergoing imaging scans like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or PET (positron emission tomography), the part of the brain which is neurologically associated to nerves of amputated limb depicts some activity when an individual feels phantom pain.

According to many experts the phantom pain is partially a response due to mixed signals from the brain. After an amputation the spinal cord and brain areas do not get input from the missing limb and they adjust to this detachment in the most unpredictable ways. Buy Tramadol to treat phantom pain effectively.

Studies has shown that after an amputation the brain remap the body part’s sensory circulatory to another part of the body. You can say that since the body part is missing and is no longer able to receive signals, the information is referred elsewhere. It is yet another version of tangled sensory wires which results in pain.

There are number of other factor which also contributes to pain. Doctors usually begin with medications to treat phantom pain. Opioid medications such as tramadol can be used to treat nerve pain when taken in appropriate doses under doctor’s supervision. Buy Tramadols online and get most genuine medicine at best price.

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