Shipping Policy

Today, with cut-throat competition among the businesses, every company and organization wants to surpass each other in terms of revenue, profit, customer retention, number of products sold, etc. As customer is king, every company and business around the globe wants to woo consumers with their attractive products, efficient services, discounts and various other things. And, we are no different. To provide hassle-free and prompt delivery services to our appreciated customers, we use the professional services of United States Postal Service (USPS), a prominent name in postal and shipping industry.

As soon as we receive any customer order, we make it a point to process and deliver that order within 1-2 business days. At the same time, we also provide tracking information to the customer so that they can keep a close watch and know the current status of their order through the tracking number provided by us.

It must be recalled that the shipping rates are based according to the weight of the product and location. Before checking out from the final webpage, you will be shown your final order with applicable cost. Customers have a chance to place or cancel their order at this webpage. Moreover, we take customers’ privacy seriously; hence customer information and details are not shared with third parties.